7 Secret Tips to Look Classy in Long Men T-Shirt

There is no doubt that style defines our personality and it is crucial to follow the fashion trend that suits your personality. The style statement should be classy enough that you can walk around confidently whether it is about formal meetings or dinner dates. These days, everyone is following the trend of long t-shirts but it is important to wear them in a classy way. Here, we have shared some ideas that can help you look classy while wearing a long t-shirt.

7 Secret Tips to Look Classy in Long Men T-Shirt

Let’s Explore the Ideas

Choose a Checkered Long T-Shirt

Do you know the checkered t-shirt looks cool with any jeans? Two types of checkered shirts look great as you can choose either small blocks or wide ones. You can wear both jeans and dress pants with a checkered shirt but make sure to create a contrast as if the shirt is of red color, you can pair it up with blue pants and sneakers. Try to buy a long men t-shirt from a well-reputed brand because fabric quality matters a lot.

Wear Striped Shirt

You’ll agree with the fact that striped shirts look classy to men if they pair them well. Unlimited color options are usually available in this style so you’ll be able to choose the best. Blue shirts with black stripes look so elegant that you can wear them in formal meetings and unofficial parties without getting worried about the overall look.

Black loafers and dark blue jeans are good to wear with this shirt so make sure to style appropriately. Striped shirts are available with and without collars so it depends on your choice what you like to choose. However, for formal meetings, we suggest going for collared shirts only.

Pair Up with Contrasting Jeans

When it comes to choosing long t-shirts, it is mandatory to pair them with contrasting jeans because pants with similar pants do not look good enough. For instance, if you have long t-shirts in the sky, green, red, and mustard colors, blue jeans are good to pair with them.

However, some shirts look outstanding with black pants especially if you want a formal touch. Meanwhile, make sure to not have a collection of trousers, casual dress pants, and narrow jeans so you won’t find it tough to pair shirts while going out.

Wear Sneakers

Now coming to sneakers, it is important to choose the ones that not only look cool but you get to walk comfortably. White joggers and sneakers look good with every outfit but they get dirty and you may need a quality cleaner for them.

Apart from sneakers, we suggest relying on loafers too because they are in trend and look great with long shirts. Try to add black shoes to your collection because when you do not have any other option, they can be paired up with all outfits.

Long t-shirts are usually available in multiple designs and if you love baggy shirts, make sure to wear narrow jeans with them. We suggest marking brands that provide top-quality baggy shirts in long sizes. These shirts are usually available for all genders so you won’t have to worry about creating a specific look. Mustard baggy shirts with hoodies look cool and even if you are above forty, they suit everyone.

Wear Denim Jacket on T-Shirt

When we talk about long shirts, denim jackets are important to discuss. Blue Jackets look classy white long t-shirt and if you wear them with trendy sneakers, it will look so cool that you’ll stand out in the friend’s circle because of your dressing sense.

The best thing about a denim jacket is that it can be paired with almost all t-shirts. These days, six pocket jackets are in trend so make sure you get one. We suggest making hair spikes with gel especially if you need to attend a music concert or a friend’s get to gather. This will make a combo you’ll surely love to follow.

Plain and Simple Look Classy

Do you agree with the fact that simple and plain t-shirts look even classier because they can be paired with anything? It is up to you whether you choose short or long sizes but try to select colors that are not very bright because men do not look cool in those colors. Light green, blue, grey, white, black, and other sober shades are good to choose from.

You can even wear joggers with this outfit as if you are planning to go out for a tour or hiking. Plain shirts without collars look trendy and it doesn’t look odd to wear a tie with this shirt.


If you want to look cool in long t-shirts the above-discussed ideas are good to follow and you won’t even have to worry about jeans or footwear to pair up with these shirts. So, mark these points and take your style statement to the next level.