How to Remove DND DC Nail Polish Without Using Acetone?

Your nail polish remover is an integral part of your nail manicure kit. Everyone knows that the best nail polish remover contains acetone. Acetone has dehydrating properties that can damage your nails and the skin that comes in contact with it. An alternative to acetone is always welcome. This article explores various DND DC nail polish remover options other than acetone.

How to Remove DND DC Nail Polish Without Using Acetone?

If you feel that finding an ideal alternative to acetone is challenging, you are in for a stunning surprise. The other options are available right inside your very homes. You have various household items that can remove DND DC polish with ease.

Here are the convenient options available to you.

Your Scotch bottle in the fridge could come to your aid

You need not feel worried if your nail polish kit does not contain your favorite nail polish remover. The alcohol leftover after your last night’s party can prove more than handy. The stronger the alcohol content, the better is the result.

Removing nail polish using alcohol is easy. All you do is dip a cotton ball into alcohol and place it on your nail. The alcohol needs some time to react with nail polish. You can gently rub the cotton ball back and forth on the nail until the colors start dissolving.

If you find your fridge empty of any leftover alcohol, the humble hand sanitizer can do an adequate job. In these pandemic times, every house has more than its share of hand sanitizers. The alcohol content present in these hand sanitizers is strong enough to remove DND DC comfortably.

However, the hand sanitizer has dehydrating properties. Therefore, it is better to use cuticle oil to remoisturize your nails and the skin surrounding your nails.

Try out the toothpaste option

If you thought that your toothpaste does not have any use other than helping you get your teeth sparklingly white, you are wrong. The same toothpaste can help remove your nail polish. However, your toothpaste should contain ethyl acetate. Therefore, it is advisable to check out the toothpaste ingredients before trying it on your DND DC gel.

Here is how you remove nail polish using toothpaste. Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste directly on your nail. Use a Q-clip to rub the toothpaste all over your nail surface. Your toothbrush can also prove handy if you do not have a Q-clip. However, the toothbrush cannot reach into the crevices to remove the stubborn stains. It is also challenging to clean the cuticle area using a toothbrush.

Your perfume can do an excellent job

Any product having an alcohol base can be helpful to remove nail polish. Your perfume contains alcohol and hence can remove nail polish. However, perfumes do not contain as much alcohol as your sanitizer. Thus, the process of removing nail polish using perfume is less effective than using alcohol or hand sanitizer.

If you face a shortage of nail polish remover at a crucial time, you can spray your perfume on your nail polish. Alternatively, you can spray perfume on a cotton ball and scrub away at the nails gently. You can find the nail polish melting away smoothly.

Fight your nail polish with more nail polish

You must have heard of the statement, ‘fighting fire with fire.’ We do not know whether this logic works in real life or not, but fighting nail polish with more nail polish certainly does. You could have a chipped nail and find that you do not have a nail polish remover in your bag. Do you have to worry? No, you need not because the old nail polish in your nail care kit can help remove the chipped polish comfortably.

You can select a nail polish shade that you do not use much. The procedure involves applying nail polish generously over the chipped nail. Use a paper towel or a washcloth to rub away at the wet polish. Surprisingly, you find that the chipped polish starts disappearing too.

Your juicy lemonade can do the trick

While lemon is a citrus fruit, it exhibits alkalizing properties. Hence, it is comfortable on your nails. You can cut a lemon into half and scrub it a few times over the nail surface. It can help in removing your DND DC nail polish.

However, lemon could end up drying the skin around the nails. Hence, it becomes necessary to use cuticle oil on the nails and the surrounding areas after removing the nail polish.

An important tip

After removing your nail polish, one should not rush into a new nail manicure immediately. It is better to let your nail recuperate and regain its natural fitness levels. One should take care of their nails as a well-manicured nail is a sure sign of your good health and beauty.