Exciting Reasons Why the LDS Gel Nail Manicure Is the Best

Nail manicures have changed tremendously from the earlier days. In the past, you never had many options. All you had was the ubiquitous nail polish stick to apply nail polish over your nails. There was no choice. Today, you have gel polish, nail lacquer, acrylic nails, dip powder, nail extensions, etc. These nail manicures have revolutionized how you apply nail polish and give a different meaning to the words ‘Nail Manicure.

LDS Gel Nail Manicure Is the Best

Of all the nail manicures available today, the gel polish and nail lacquer stand head and shoulders above the rest. Let us examine the compelling reasons why LDS gel nail manicure is the best.

Advantages of Nail Lacquer

Here are the advantages of LDS nail lacquer.

Vibrant Pigments – LDS offers an extensive range of vibrant pigments that are hygienic and healthy to use. The company ensures against using any banned products that can harm consumer interest. Besides, there is no chance of cruelty towards animals when using LDS nail lacquer. It does not use any animal ingredients in its products.

Up to 7 days of wear – LDS Nail lacquer lasts better than other nail polish because it offers excellent consistency in colors up to seven days of wear. However, the paint does not fade away after seven days but stays on for a week more comfortably.

High Gloss Shine – LDS nail lacquer offers the glossiest finishes to your nails. Besides, these nail products are available in various colors that can suit almost all attire, season, occasion, and skin tone.

Easy to apply – The best aspect of the LDS nail lacquer manicure is the ease of application. Anyone can master the technique within no time and get the best manicures at home.

Chip-resistant – The chip-resistant qualities of LDS nail lacquer ensure your nails remain healthy and do not undergo any damage. While chipped nails can be painful, they affect the manicure and look ugly.

Good coverage – The LDS nail lacquer covers your nails well and does not leave any exposed portions that can make the manicure look imperfect. Besides, the extensive range of nail lacquer available with LDS quickly ensures you get replacement bottles. Thus, it allows for maintaining consistency.

Air Dry – LDS nail lacquer coats do not require drying under the UV lamp because they can be subject to air drying. Thus, LDS nail manicures do not cause any health issues because of UV exposure.

All these qualities make LDS nail lacquer the best available in the market. Let us glance through the benefits of LDS gel color and the gel nail manicure.

Advantages of Gel Color

Here are why the LDS gel manicure is preferred by women globally.

Lasts up to 14 days – LDS gel color manicures last comparatively longer than other manicures. While the nail lacquer job lasts for seven to ten days, the gel polish manicure lasts comfortably for two weeks and more.

Glossy finish – Gel manicures are preferred to other manicures because of the glossy shine they impart to your nails. No other manicure, including acrylic or dip powder, can match the gel manicures in their glossy finishes.

No wrinkles – LDS gel polish has the best consistency among its competitors. In addition, the polish layer is smooth and does not have any wrinkles that can damage the overall appearance of your nails.

Odorless – Generally, acrylic nail polish gives out offensive odors. But LDS gel polish is among the best because it does not emit any odor. So, it is hygienically an excellent product. You can have gel manicures inside your AC room and not worry about the suffocating smell you endure with acrylic paint.

No damage – Gel manicures strengthen the nail surface and prevent damage. The gel nail colors does not form a heavy layer over the nail. Thus, it reduces the chances of nail breakages.

Can be used under LED or UV light – People usually shun gel polish manicures because of exposure to UV light. But, LDS gel polish is different because it can also be cured under LED lights. Thus, it reduces exposure to UV rays and protects your skin from unnecessary medical issues.

Good coverage – LDS gel polish offers an excellent range, with almost all polish shades available. It enhances the convenience factor greatly.

Very flexible – The best aspect of the LDS gel nail manicure is its most flexible manicure. The process is easy to master. Anyone can learn it and start the gel application of their nails at home conveniently.

Final Words

You have seen how convenient LDS nail lacquer and gel polish are. Besides the excellent range of products available from LDS nails, the application and removal processes are easy. Hence, they have become popular globally.