DND Gel Color Options

People who like to keep their nails neat are always looking out for products that can help them reach their goals. DND nail polish is one of those products. There is a hoard of options that you can choose from, but some are better than the others. Even so, the new methods making their entry into the industry give the old ones a run for their money. Therefore, it is necessary to keep track of the methods and know which ones are safer than the others and provide you with a durable and attractive manicure. The Daisy gel nail polish has lately gained significant popularity in the industry because of its safety, ease of application and removal, and ability to provide a long lasting manicure.

What is DND Nail Polish?

Daisy Nail Design (DND) is one of the best polishes that does not require a bond or base coat. Its application is made in just two steps, making it one of the easiest and fastest manicures to apply. These might be the most common steps in a hoard of other manicures, but their use in DND saves money and saves a lot of time. The duo steps application process in DND is known as Daisy Duo manicure.

DND Gel Color Options

If the DND gel manicure has already struck your mind, you do not have to worry because DND gel polish is widely available. You only need to visit DND nail supplies where you will find DND polish in single bottles or wholesale. You can also find the gel in salons where you can always get a professional mani. This article provides you with a few DND options to add to your DND salon kit or at-home mani.

DND Gel Base and Top

This is a white gel colored polish that provides you with a radiant look that lasts for over 21 days. It implies that you can go on a full vacation or have the manicure for just once a month, and you will still be looking elegant and chic. The kit has all the products needed for a Daisy Duo mani. It has a top coat and gel color. It is also affordable and one of the best options for DIY at home.

DND Duo Gel Spring Set 440-Papaya Whip

Are you fascinated by its name? Well, you should not be until you get a touch of what is inside the bottles. It is the best spring option due to the rather outstanding and unique color combination. The beginning of spring is the perfect time to wear the Papaya Whip mani. Furthermore, it has excellent colors that give you a charming look and help transition from cold to warm weather. The kit has the polish and gel needed to perform your favorite manicure.

DND Gel and Matching Polish Set (448 Season Beige)

The 448 Season Beige is the best autumn mani option. It is best applicable when one wants to have a durable mani that looks exquisite and chic towards the end of summer. It fits all the autumn outfits and gives you the best feeling as you welcome a new season.

DND Gel and Matching Polish Set (502 – Soft Orange)

The soft orange hue is one of the best summer colors. It serves best in the summer season when bright colors make you look stylish and luxurious on summers. This is a season when you can wear the loudest of the hues, and no one will judge you for being out of fashion. For your summer wardrobe and sun-kissed skin, the DND Gel and Matching Polish Set (502 – Soft Orange) is your best option.

DND Duo Gel Fall Set 453 – Plum Wine

The plum wine color is an excellent option for a manicure kit that you should try out. During the fall, this color helps pave the way for the winter. The polish and the gel are part of the kit that gives you a lavish and unique manicure.

If you are looking to do the manicure at home or in a salon, there are certain things that you should always follow. It does not matter if you are using the gel for the first time or have been used to it but for an elegant manicure you need to prepare in advance, prevent it from getting into contact with the skin, go easy with the polish and before the nails are polished, make sure to rime them.


Once in a while, it is helpful to try new things. It does not matter the kind of manicure you are loyal to, but DND gel polish is one way to achieve the elegance that you have always desired. This is one of the few ways in which you can save money and time at the same time.