Urban Mystics Chunky Sterling Silver Water/Fire Ring


Sometimes less is more. Our large Water/Fire Elements ring/pendant makes you look sleek yet minimalistic, for gentlemen and for the bold ladies.

Alchemy Fire/Water symbol has been carefully carved onto the front of the ring.

Fire - Passion, Creativity, Determination

Water - Sensitivity, Intuition, Understanding, Love

For Fire star signs

Aries ( 21 March - 20 April )

Leo ( 24 July - 23 August )

Sagittarius ( 23 November - 21 December )

For Water star signs

Cancer ( 23 June - 23 July )

Scorpio ( 24 October - 22 November )

Pisces ( 20 February - 20 March )

This ring can be worn as a stack-up ring ( try mix and match different material together! ), or as a pendant.

This chunky and solid 925 sterling silver ring will last, and will age better than your tastiest wine.

Size 10/U in stock.

Note: Please know that 925 sterling silver will tarnish over time, give it a little TLC with a polishing cloth, or dip it into silver cleaning solution to make it shine like new again! 

Collections: Urban Mystics

Category: Men's Collection, Necklaces, Rings

Type: Wearable

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