Seven Trending Gel Polish Colors for October 2022

October is usually the time when the autumn season is on. The environment can be dull. The trees usually shed their leaves and loon brown and unattractive. Besides, this month marks the transition from summer to winter, with the nights getting longer. Usually, the sun loses its brilliance in the northern hemisphere. So, it is time you pull out the dark Kiara Sky gel nail polish colors from the closet. Let us discuss seven options to help brighten the October evenings and bring life to your nails.

Seven Trending October Shades

Here are some exciting October shades worth trying on your nails.

Ebony Black should be mesmerizing

Seven Trending October Shades

October is a cold month, and people usually prefer dark colors during winter. So, there cannot be a darker shade than ebony black on your nails. Black ranks as the most beautiful color because of its endless depth. Black nail polish stands out on fair-skinned women because of the excellent contrast with the skin tone. A glossy finish to black gel nails is the best way to set the dance floor on fire. So, if you get an option, go for the dark ebony black to make a forceful fashion statement.

The Mahogany Brown is not a wrong choice

Seven Trending October Shades

Though black is beautiful, many people do not like to have the darkest of all shades on their nails. The skin tone might not match, or some people view black as inauspicious. Such people can try the deep mahogany brown. It is a dark brown shade that should match the tree barks in autumn and make you feel united with nature. The mahogany brown is darker than chocolate brown. So, it can serve as a beautifully nude finish for people with tanned skin.

The Deep Greys can do the trick

Seven Trending October Shades

The deep greys should be ideal if you find black too dark for comfort. This color is not as dark as black but can still look beautiful on your nails. Usually, people wear grey-colored sweaters and suits during winter. So, deep grey gel polish should suit these dresses beautifully. The most exciting feature of grey is that you can have it in multiple shades according to your preferences. The grey color also allows exquisite nail art designs to beautify the manicure further.

Dark Maroons would be lovely to wear

Seven Trending October Shades

When choosing fall colors, people usually prefer darker shades of the colors they wear in summer and spring. So, dark maroon is a versatile choice because it is the perfect blend of red and brown. The benefit of wearing dark maroon nail polish is that it traps heat and keeps the nail bed warm. Secondly, it provides a welcome change from the traditional deep reds and mahogany browns that people usually prefer. Dar maroon gel polish should give you the perfect Kiara Sky nails for October.

Blood Red can spice up things

Seven Trending October Shades

Many people are obsessed with red so much that they look for suitable red shades every season. Fortunately, red offers the most exciting range of shades, from dark blood red to light pink. So, if you are looking to have red color on your nails, you can try the blood red to spice up things. Secondly, it can serve as a perfect appetizer for Halloween, which usually comes in the fall season. Finally, deep blood red nails can spice up the dull autumn evenings and make you feel enjoyable.

Gold Glitter on Black should be enticing

Seven Trending October Shades

The beauty of black is that it acts as the perfect base for having gold or silver glitter on the nails. In addition, the black background enhances the attractiveness quotient of the glitter paint and makes for an enticing gel manicure. Kiara Sky gel nail polish offers an excellent range of gel glitter polish that suits the black base. Besides the golden and silver hues, the snowflake glitter should be perfect to gel with the surroundings.

The Navy Blue can set trends

Seven Trending October Shades

Dark blue is a beautiful shade that can match ebony black. It also gels perfectly with the dark blue suits you usually wear during the autumn and winter. The beauty of navy blue is that you can experiment with various nail art designs involving matching lighter hues and still make a great fashion statement. Deep navy blue is a trend-setting color that can redefine how people approach their nail manicures in fall and winter. It allows you to set fashion trends for others to follow.

Wrap it Up

October is a beautiful month because the climate is not very cold. So, it is the right time to enjoy hosting, participating in parties, and having the best time of your life. The seven nail polish shades discussed here should help you look at your best in October and set the tone for the colder winter months ahead.