Tips to Restore the Glow of Combination Skin

Combination skin is very different and unique from ordinary skin types. It requires a great deal of care while handling it. This is because it sometimes becomes extremely dry and sometimes becomes very oily. These are two extreme skin types. You can not use products of oily or dry specifications. This makes it very hard to take care of such a skin type. You need to be very careful while applying any product on your face. A little bit of ignorance and your whole skin would be ruined. Here are a few tips and instructions to get a beautiful and healthy glow on your combination skin without any worries.

Tips to Restore the Glow of Combination Skin

Skin care tips that can be helpful for combination skin

While adopting a skin care routine for combination skin, you should keep a few things in your mind.

Your skin care products should be specially formulated for combination skin. Always check the label of the product to make sure you are choosing the right product.

It is important to keep your skin well hydrated. This is because combination skin tends to become very dry or sometimes very oily. In both cases, the moisture content is lost or reduced. You can use a Korean moisturizer for this purpose. These are very popular these days and they come in special specifications for combination skin.

Use a good serum that keeps your skin nourished. Combination skin is usually deficient in nutrients so it is important to provide it with all it is lacking.

While choosing a cleanser, make sure it does not over dry your skin. A foaming cleanser is a better choice.

Go for a good night time skincare routine. It should include a night cream or a face mask. Apply it regularly to revitalize your skin cells and make them look soft and supple.

Makeup tips you should consider

Makeup on combination skin is difficult. It appears patchy due to oil breakout or flakiness. You should apply makeup in such a way that it particularly addresses the problems of combination skin.

Before applying makeup, use a good combination primer that is nourishing and hydrated. It will Control the dryness as well as sebum production. Now you are good to go for the rest of your makeup.

Apply foundation paying special attention to extremely dry areas. Blend it well and make sure no flakes are appearing.

The main step is setting your foundation. Use of setting powder sometimes increases flakiness. look for the best setting powder for combination skin. As it is especially formulated for combination skin, it will not only set your foundation perfectly but also prevent the signs that are common with such a skin type.

At this point your makeup is perfectly fine and you should not worry about your skin anymore.

You can go on with your regular makeup look. Apply a rosy blush on your cheeks and highlight your facial features. Complete your look by applying a good fixing spray. It will be more appropriate if your makeup spray is also compatible with your skin type. This will help in better sealing of your makeup.


Combination skin is so hard to tackle that most people just give up taking care of it. The unusual signs of dryness or sometimes extreme oil production leaves you confused about what to use and what not to use. You should not worry anymore as our tips are there to help you out. You can adopt these in your daily skin care and makeup routine. These will be very helpful to you and will help you in making your skin beautifully attractive and healthy.