Welcome 2020 with Cool Nail Trends using Lavis Dip Systems

It may sound too early but 2020 is just a few days away and there is no better way to welcome it but to do it with a bang. And as we say good riddance to some of the good and bad memories of 2019, it is also good to say goodbye to the boring nails that you’ve been wearing forever. By using LDS dip powder, Here are some of the nail trends that you can expect to see this coming year and you can use some of these ideas as you celebrate the New Year.

Mix and Match Patterns

We all know that mixing and matching clothes is the best way to save from buying clothes all the time and it is also a nice way to express your sense of style. The same thing goes with nail art and this 2020 power-clashing art design inspired by the 80’s are expected to be more visible. The best way to start this is by getting LDS Powder Color Kit. This way you can save great deal of money from buying a set and they got lots of freebies too. From there, you can create your own design like different shapes, squiggles and fun flair across your nail. You just need dotting tools and brushes and your nails will be runway ready.

Animal Print

They are not just cute to pet and touch but their prints also look good on nails. And this coming year, experts announced that animal prints are going to be big. A cow spotted manicure using white and black polish is the perfect way to start 2020. While tiger print can be achieved by using LDS D37 Out Loud and black DC nail polish colors. Whatever animal print you have in mind, it will surely be a hit this year.


Ombre hair has been a big hit this 2019 and it was even extended to nails. It’s cute, it’s colorful and very easy to do. LDS Ombre Collection has plenty of variations that you can try and the good thing about this is that anyone can DIY it. Plenty of tutorials are also available online so you don’t need to pay a fortune in the salon.

Tie Dye

Yes, the famous shirt design from the 90’s is also making a comeback and this time it’s with nail art. Imagine that nostalgic feeling from the summer camp when you are a little girl and you can now bring it anywhere with your nails. LDS Tie Dye Collection is a good kit to have if you are unsure how to start. Tutorials and sample colors are available so you can do it on your own in the comfort of your own house. Not only it will save time and money it will also help you unleash your artistic side.

Bare/ Nude

2020 is not only for the bright and colorful ones, it also caters to the minimalist who wants to paint their nail but want to keep it low-key. One cannot go wrong with nude hues like LDS D77 Malted Milk, LDS D54 Limited Edition and LDS D28 Salmon Glow is perfect if you want to stay austere or it can also be used to recreate different nail design.

Western Pattern

As established, 2020 seems to the year for artistic and creative ones as several pattern and designs can be seen all over. Aside from animal print, western designs can be seen as well such as cowboy and rustic theme. Horse prints that depicts a western cowboy will be a surefire trend.

Out-of-this-world Nail Designs

While we’re still at it might as well go extreme and create looks that will not only steal people’s attention but will also channel the Moulin Rouge vibe in you. From glitters, to metallic to any colors LDS powder color has everything you fancy and if you feel like adding nail stickers and rhinestone, this one-stop shop has everything you need to complete your ensembles as you welcome the new year. There’s just too many ways to represent your elegance with a whole lot of adornments and sparkle, your imagination is the only limit to achieving that look.