Learn to Apply Dip Powder the Right Way

Talk of nail polish, and you have an extensive range of possibilities before you. First, you have acrylic nail polish with a reputation of lasting sufficiently long. Besides, you have gel polish that lends the perfect gloss to your nails but does not last as long as acrylic. Finally, you have a product, Nugenesis dip powder, that provides you with the benefits of both acrylic and gel polish. The dip powder manicure looks shiny and attractive while lasting comfortably for four to five weeks. Let us learn the Nugenesis dip powder procedure and understand how to apply it the right way.

Learn to Apply Dip Powder the Right Way

Image: DTK Nails Supply

Step by Step Apply Nugenesis Dip Powder

Prep your nails for the dip powder manicure

Prepping your nails is critical for any manicure, and dip powder is not different in any way. The more time you spend prepping your nails, the better the resultant manicure. Experts say that you should spend more than 50% of the total manicure time prepping your nails for the job.

Use a sterilized nail cutter to trim your nails. First, file away the edges and smoothen them using a nail file. Then, use a cotton swab or a lint-free wipe dipped in alcohol to wipe away the debris. Besides cleaning the nail, alcohol helps to disinfect the nails by killing the bacteria. Furthermore, alcohol helps to remove moisture and oils from the nail surface.

The next procedure is to take care of the cuticles and prevent them from coming in the way of the manicure. Many people advise trimming the cuticles and shaping them. However, it is not the right way to an excellent manicure. You can use an orangewood cuticle pusher to push the protruding cuticles into their grooves gently. Pushing the cuticles back is necessary as it can cause the polish to lift.

Finally, you can use the nail buff and rough up the nail surface to allow the basecoat to stick to it.

Go for the basecoat

Once you have prepped the nail, you can proceed with the basecoat application. Use a clean brush to apply the basecoat in a single layer by leaving out a millimeter or two at the edges near the cuticle. The idea is to keep the cuticle away from the polish.

The dip powder

Without allowing the basecoat to dry, you can proceed with the dip powder job. The right way is to take some Nugenesis dip powder in a bowl and sprinkle it on the nail. The best part of dip powder is that it sticks to the basecoat and not the nail. Therefore, it makes no difference if you sprinkle dip powder on your cuticles. You can easily dust them off.

Alternatively, you can dip your fingernails into the dip powder bottle and let the powder stick to the basecoat. It is better to have a decent layer of Nugenesis powder on your nails. Then, you can use a clean brush to even out the layers and remove the excess powder from the nail surface.

However, it is not recommended to dip your nails into the bottle as you risk picking up nail infections, especially if the user before you had one. Otherwise, dipping the nails into the bottle ensures a better spread of the Nugenesis dip on the nails.

The activator gel

The next procedure is to apply the activator gel to the nail. This gel helps the dip powder bind together and form a thick layer on the nail. It also ensures that the powder does not fly all over the place.

The topcoat application

Before applying the topcoat, you can gently buff your nails to scrape off the excess dip powder. It enables you to have an even surface that can make your manicure look beautiful. The topcoat decides whether you have a matte or a glossy finish. You can stop after the first two topcoat applications if you love matte. If you wish to have a glossy finish, you should have more than two topcoat layers.

The best aspect of the Nugenesis dip powder manicure is that it does not need curing under a UV lamp. Instead, the dip powder topcoat dries within minutes of applying it.

Now, your dip powder manicure is ready to last for a minimum of four weeks. The exciting feature of dip powder is that it does not require much maintenance as acrylic nails. Besides, dip powder does not emit any pungent odor like acrylic. In addition, it does not envision using a UV lamp to cure the polish layer. Thus, dip powder is amongst the healthiest nail manicure.

Final Thoughts

While dip powder manicure is an excellent manicure, following the right procedure is necessary for the manicure to last long. We have discussed the ideal way to have a dip powder manicure. You can now proceed with displaying your nails proudly on your social media handles.