OPI Gel Colors: Useful Tips and Types

OPI gel color is a gel nail polish designed to make nails look glossier than regular polish.

Selecting the best system may not be easy when talking of a fresh manicure. OPI gel nail color is called “Gelcolor Soak-off Gel Lacquer,” and a gel manicure is a brush-on method designed for top performance and a glossier result than nail polish.

It is harrowing to get a manicure, and the manicure is not appropriately applied. The method of application makes the manicure not last. Even gelcolor can chip off if the Gelcolor is not used correctly. You are getting manicures, and the manicure chipping off means you need to change your nail technician. Here we will discuss tips about OPI gel color kit.

Useful Tips and Opinions about OPI Gel Colors

You need to understand the right removal method and also the right products for removal. With the best products and the proper technique, removal only takes less than 10 minutes to soak the nails.

Another popular opinion that turns out to differ from reality is that LED lights are harmful. There have been a series of developments in Gelcolor technology. It is UV light that is harmful, and LED lights were invented to help cure the gel color without the UV light side effects. Continue reading “OPI Gel Colors: Useful Tips and Types”

Top 6 Best Body Piercing Jewelry for 2020

Piercings look beautiful when done on any part of the body, but at the same time, they can be very painful also. When you are not aware of the metal that is allergic to your body part, you may have to deal with it for a long time. All the below-listed products are hypoallergenic that are suitable for all types of skins. Look below for the required hoops or studs to know better about them.

D.Bella Fake Nose Ring Hoop

Amazon best-selling product B081Q988QR


The simple and elegant look fake nose rings are made of stainless steel. You can wear them for a long time as they are nickel-free plus lead-free. The add on feature for this delicate nose ring is that there are multiple rings available in one pack at an affordable price.

Often people ask for a warranty with the products. So, the brand offers you 90 days warranty for this nose ring and makes sure that its customers are availed of the best service.

WBRWP Stainless Steel Hinged Ring Hoop

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Known to the best nose ring for sensitive skin, it is a perfect fit for both men and women. As clear from the name, the brand has used surgical stainless steel in its construction to be safe to wear for any type of skin.

Different sizes available will help you to choose the exact specification that your piercing requires. Apart from the nose, the hoop can be used for ear piercing, septum, cartilage, lip, belly, and many more.

MODRSA Nose Rings and Studs for Women

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The fascinating set of 28 pieces in different styles is what you get in one pack. Isn’t it surprising? All the studs, screws, and hoops in the pouch are made of surgical stainless steel with an alloy-smooth surface.

For those who are allergic to some material, these rings are best for them. Not only comfortable to wear, but the MODRSA rings are hypoallergenic also, making it safe for the people with sensitive skin. Continue reading “Top 6 Best Body Piercing Jewelry for 2020”

DND Gel Color Options

People who like to keep their nails neat are always looking out for products that can help them reach their goals. DND nail polish is one of those products. There is a hoard of options that you can choose from, but some are better than the others. Even so, the new methods making their entry into the industry give the old ones a run for their money. Therefore, it is necessary to keep track of the methods and know which ones are safer than the others and provide you with a durable and attractive manicure. The Daisy gel nail polish has lately gained significant popularity in the industry because of its safety, ease of application and removal, and ability to provide a long lasting manicure.

What is DND Nail Polish?

Daisy Nail Design (DND) is one of the best polishes that does not require a bond or base coat. Its application is made in just two steps, making it one of the easiest and fastest manicures to apply. These might be the most common steps in a hoard of other manicures, but their use in DND saves money and saves a lot of time. The duo steps application process in DND is known as Daisy Duo manicure.

DND Gel Color Options

If the DND gel manicure has already struck your mind, you do not have to worry because DND gel polish is widely available. You only need to visit DND nail supplies where you will find DND polish in single bottles or wholesale. You can also find the gel in salons where you can always get a professional mani. This article provides you with a few DND options to add to your DND salon kit or at-home mani.

DND Gel Base and Top

This is a white gel colored polish that provides you with a radiant look that lasts for over 21 days. It implies that you can go on a full vacation or have the manicure for just once a month, and you will still be looking elegant and chic. The kit has all the products needed for a Daisy Duo mani. It has a top coat and gel color. It is also affordable and one of the best options for DIY at home.

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Welcome 2020 with Cool Nail Trends using Lavis Dip Systems

It may sound too early but 2020 is just a few days away and there is no better way to welcome it but to do it with a bang. And as we say good riddance to some of the good and bad memories of 2019, it is also good to say goodbye to the boring nails that you’ve been wearing forever. By using LDS dip powder, Here are some of the nail trends that you can expect to see this coming year and you can use some of these ideas as you celebrate the New Year.

Mix and Match Patterns

We all know that mixing and matching clothes is the best way to save from buying clothes all the time and it is also a nice way to express your sense of style. The same thing goes with nail art and this 2020 power-clashing art design inspired by the 80’s are expected to be more visible. The best way to start this is by getting LDS Powder Color Kit. This way you can save great deal of money from buying a set and they got lots of freebies too. From there, you can create your own design like different shapes, squiggles and fun flair across your nail. You just need dotting tools and brushes and your nails will be runway ready.

Animal Print

They are not just cute to pet and touch but their prints also look good on nails. And this coming year, experts announced that animal prints are going to be big. A cow spotted manicure using white and black polish is the perfect way to start 2020. While tiger print can be achieved by using LDS D37 Out Loud and black DC nail polish colors. Whatever animal print you have in mind, it will surely be a hit this year.

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