OPI Gel Colors: Useful Tips and Types

OPI gel color is a gel nail polish designed to make nails look glossier than regular polish.

Selecting the best system may not be easy when talking of a fresh manicure. OPI gel nail color is called “Gelcolor Soak-off Gel Lacquer,” and a gel manicure is a brush-on method designed for top performance and a glossier result than nail polish.

It is harrowing to get a manicure, and the manicure is not appropriately applied. The method of application makes the manicure not last. Even gelcolor can chip off if the Gelcolor is not used correctly. You are getting manicures, and the manicure chipping off means you need to change your nail technician. Here we will discuss tips about OPI gel color kit.

Useful Tips and Opinions about OPI Gel Colors

You need to understand the right removal method and also the right products for removal. With the best products and the proper technique, removal only takes less than 10 minutes to soak the nails.

Another popular opinion that turns out to differ from reality is that LED lights are harmful. There have been a series of developments in Gelcolor technology. It is UV light that is harmful, and LED lights were invented to help cure the gel color without the UV light side effects.

Another popular opinion is that you cannot do nail art with gel color manicures. This statement is also opposing reality. Some of the best nail art and made with gel colors. OPI Gelcolor has special Artist Design Gels that are beautiful colors that enhance the nail art’s beauty.

This unique method is called “Flash Curing”; this method would hold the gel color in place while making beautiful nail art, and it’s allowed to create art the exact way you want it.

OPI gelcolor has some benefits that some other products do not have. Read below to see the benefits of gelcolor:

Give 61% more strength to the nail beds.

Stays in its actual color for as long as three weeks.

It is easy to remove; soak-off removal.

It dries in less than 45 seconds under an LED light.

It feels light on the finger. 

Types of OPI Base and Top Coat

OPI makes different types of gel colors, base and top coat for the different types of nails. Continue reading below to see the gelcolor base and top coat appropriate for your nails.

OPI Gelcolor Stay Strong Base Coat

This Gelcolor base coat is a new addition to the OPI lineup. This coat is gel-based and is made especially for people with weaker nails. People with more fragile nails can now do gel nail manicures thanks to OPI for this new method. This gelcolor lasts from 2 to 3 weeks on the nails.

OPI Gelcolor Stay Classic Base Coat

The classic gel color base coat is a remake of the normal OPI gelcolor with some new additions. This best coat polish is best suited for customers who have regular or brickle nails and visit the salon every two weeks.

This gelcolor has more solvent than the Gelcolor Stay Strong and as an OPI brush for three-stroke application. It also has the soak-off removal method.

OPI Gelcolor Stay Shiny Top Coat

The topcoat is the same Stay Shiny Top Coat, you know. It has some additions, just like the Stay Classic. Some of the addition is to the bottle. This gelcolor has a 100% pure gel formula that keeps the nails glossy for several weeks. Also, it allows soak-off removal.

OPI has also excelled in the making of OPI nail polish kits. OPI has some of the best GelPolish kits ever made. We list some of the kit OPI gel below. Continue reading!

OPI Gelcolor Gel Nail Polish Iconic Starter Pack

OPI is an experienced brand that makes products to the taste of different customers. This kit is a starter kit, but it does not come with a UV light or LED light. This kit comes in 6 full-size colors. The kit’s products are Top Coat and Base Coat, six full-size colors, Bonder, Remover, and Blank Nail Palette. 

OPI Gelcolor Professional icon Intro Kit

This kit is one of the best professional kits. It includes everything you need, unlike the starter kit that does not have UV or LED light. This kit comes with a cuticle stick, Top Coat, Base Coat, 20 foil remover wraps, salon mitts, remover, six full-size Gel Colors Bonder, OPI LED lamp Color Palette with beaded chain.


This article highlights the benefits and types of OPI base and top coat to give you an amazing manicure. OPI gel nail colors are designed to satisfy users and give them a lasting and glossier nail manicure. We have also discussed useful tips and opinions about OPI gel nail colors. Try out their products to see the difference from regular nail polish. Do have a stunning look in your opi gel color manicure today!